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I had a bad experience few days ago. An experience which tested my limits. I actually felt like giving up and respond to that siren. The siren of discouragement.

I stayed unattended for more than thirty minutes at the emergency unit of a category ‘‘A’’ hospital. You would say in our Cameroonian context, that’s no big deal. People suffer more negligence every day. I do agree.

However, I must admit that during those minutes of suffering, for the very first time as an adult, I seriously thought of emigration. I could not just understand how, in my own country, not lacking means for a proper treatment, I could die like a fowl, lying on metallic chairs. I was finally taken care of. In the midst of negligence and incompetence, survive very professional individuals.

Like I said, I thought of carrying my family away. And I had a second thought. I thought of all those who could think like me, those who, for genuine reasons, could have had the idea of leaving.

I remember a famous opposition analyst during the last presidential election, responding to a cacique of the present regime who was proudly saying that living in Cameroon is a marvelous experience, that if embassies present in our country decide to offer visas to all Cameroonians, the country will disastrously be emptied. Let’s be honest. He is not far from the truth.

But actually, if we all go away, and definitely turn our backs on our motherland, our lone common house, who will stay. Who will transform the land into an enjoyable place? Unto whom lies that responsibility, if not us?

By us, I mean those who are old enough to have watched live Roger Milla’s world cup goals, and young enough to be able to use Telegram. We cannot just be observers, consumers and quitters (OCQ).

Paradoxically, we the OCQs, are the ones having a great part into the battles organized by those who have nothing more to offer. Instead of reflecting on us, our future and well-being, we jump into the first political concept and fight. Am I saying youth should not involve themselves in politics? No. I am saying our main target should be acquiring Technology, master Trade, and develop our Economy at the micro level (TTE).

Once we are TTE focused, we have a chance of surviving, more, we have the opportunity to transform our direct environment, and the country.

Should people not travel? Migrations are part of our story. There are no people without migrations. But as it stands, we cannot afford to move without being TTE focused, with the clear and predefine intention of developing our country. It’s not just money. It’s a state of mind, an attitude, a mode of investment.

If not us, who will develop our country?

4 commentaires

  1. Georges Godwe dit :

    It’s not just money. It’s a state of mind, an attitude, a mode of investment.

    You said it all bro.


  2. Verlain soh dit :

    This is the Real Cameroon. Mybe days ahead will be better


  3. Edmund Ambe Neba dit :

    May God help us develop our country despite all odds
    We cannot afford to loss hope


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